Start at the cosmic scale when thinking about some new thing.  See what it is and what it does.  Then think about why.  Not just why it is or why it does what it does (or, in someone else's thought process, needs to do what it does), but what are the underlying factors that determine the rules that describe what it is and what it does. This thought process will force you to think into the small-scale.  It is the small things that determine how and why the big things work. Each smaller reason, of course, has a smaller causative factor, which is in itself another reason.  Smaller and smaller this process will drill down through layers of reasons until we find that one single reason for all of the Big that we considered. We continue by discovering the idea encapsulated by the reson and then the thought which is embodied by the idea, that single quanta of thought that is at the root.  That is the
There is no more that is needed.
There is no less that can be considered.-